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The Southern strategy of the Republicans

Yes yes I know again it has been a long time since I have written a post because I have been very busy with my new job at the Waldwick Municipal Building where I am in charge of construction permits and things of that nature like recently when there was a man in our town who wanted to build a shed and he kept filling out the wrong forms and I had to tell him to come back when he had the right ones. I am almost thinking about running for the Mayor so no one has to fill out any permits whatsoever because I feel that a man who wants to build a shed should be able to build a shed and not have the government tell them what to do all the time but for now it is my job so he has to fill out the forms.

Anyway the Republican race is in full swing and it is down to only four people now, and they are all running for primaries in the South where pretty much everyone is Republican so it is very exciting to see so many people who are excited about getting 0-bow-ma Hussein out of office. The thing that is interesting about this is that Mitt Romney who is the frontrunner and not really very Conservative at all is pretending very hard to be Southern, saying “y’all” and “grits” and “Alabama” over and over because it’s not enough that he’s pretending he isn’t the guy who originally invented 0-bow-macare but now he is also pretending he is a good old boy well I am not buying it.

The people in the South are Real Americans and sometimes I feel more in common with them than I do with the people here in “Blue Jersey” as I call it but I am sure they will see through Romney’s lies and choose someone who is much more Conservative and qualified like Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich both of which I am pretty sure are from the South for real. In fact if I were in charge of everything I would make sure that the South were the only people who were allowed to actually vote for the President and also that people wouldn’t need so many forms to build a shed. Thank you.


The Republican candidates who are the ones who are left

I am very sorry to all of my loyal fans that I have been away for so long but I have gotten a promotion at the Waldwick NJ municipal building and am now in charge of issuing residential construction permits which I personally feel is just more intrusion of government into the lives of hard working Americans who just want to build a pool or a pool house or a poolside patio or some other type of pool-based structure but it is my job and unless I work I am no better than the food stamp lazies who are 0-bow-ma Hussein voters. Thank you.

So while I was so busy there has been a lots going on with the Republican candidates which means that some of them have left including Herman Cain and the Great Christian Miss Michelle Bachmann but there are still some good choices left and I am going to give you my opinion of them now because I pay a lot of attention to the news (at least the news that isn’t part of the PROG LIB propoganda machine) so I know what I’m talking about, thank you.

Newt Gingrich – I like him a lot because he was standing up against Bill Clinton who as we all remember was the fat guy who had sex with an intern and his wife of course was the first one to think of 0-bow-macare but more importantly than that he is smart but he has to make sure he does not act like a big smarty when he is campaigning because that makes him look like an educated elitist and Real Americans don’t like that at all.

Ron Paul – Are you kidding me this guy is crazy not just because he wants to end all wars everywhere and he hates Israel but also because he is just plain crazy you know why but the one thing I do agree with him on is that all companies should be totally deregulated and allowed to do whatever they want and as the old saying goes the government should be so small you can strangle it to death.

Rick Perry – This guy is still my favorite just like he was at the beginning because of his Deep Abiding Faith in the One True Savior Jesus Christ and he is a no nonsense tough talking Texas guy like a certain former president that we all know and love and miss and also he looks like the guy from that cowboy movie where he has all the guns on his horse.

Rick Santorum – He also loves Jesus very much which is something the Godless terrorist lovers currently in the White House could use a little bit more of plus he really does not like abortion at all which I also support because babies are precious but also I heard somewhere that he is named after something gay and I do not want any gay in my President thank you.

Mitt Romney – He made a version of socialist 0-bow-macare in his home state of Masachusetts and he did not speak out about gays and abortions and other seriously important issues while he was in the government plus he is a government insider because he was in the government for many years which is a bad thing BUT he is a very rich person which means he works hard and he creates jobs so I can understand why he is in the lead of the pack and also he looks like the stretchy guy from the Fantastic Four who was really smart also.

So there you have it people those are my opinions on the Republicans and I am very proud of all of them but only one will survive in the end to become our New President and who will it be well I will be paying very close attention and I hope you will be also but not just to the election to my blog also. Thank you.

The man named Chris Christie

So as most people know there is a man who is also the Governor of my state who is Chris Christie and he may or may not be running for President to take down 0-bow-ma Hussein and his army of prog libs which everyone in the news is talking about and has been talking about for a very long while.  There are lots of good people who are running for Republican President including my favorite who is named Rick Perry but still the people call out for more candidates they dislike 0-bow-ma Hussein so much they need more people to try to take him down.

Lots of people on the internet ask me what I think about Chris Christie running and they think that automatically I must like him very much but I must say that I do not want him running even though he is Governor of my state of New Jersey and he stood up to the socialist union thugs and teachers who are bleeding our state and our country dry like communist vampires.  Yes yes all that is true but also he made a very important speech where he supported the appointing of a Muslin judge who would impose sharia law on New Jersey and eventually the entire United States.

Here is Chris Christie with his muslim best friend who worships Mohammed

You see there was a lawyer named Sohail Mohammed (and if that name is not a red flag I do not know what is, I mean “so hail Mohammed” come on) and he once supported people who were “falsely accused” of terrorism after 9/11 (as if those kinds of people existed) and he was DEFINITELY going to impose Muslin shariah law once he became a judge but then Chris Christie said that all of the True Americans who were worried about this were “crazy” and that our totally legitimate fears were “crap” and he was “tired of dealing with the crazies” which of course is code for all Tea Party Patriots and if he thinks that we are “crazies” then he hates Real Americans which means he hates America and there is already one person who hates America and he is in the White House as President right now.  Thank you.

The voice of the people in the crowd at some debates

Okay so a lot of whiney prog libs are up in their arms about two events that happened lately at Republican debates where the American People made their voices heard in the audience and the lamestream media moderators of the events were shocked that the People had such a loud voice and opinion on things that are right.  One of the things is that the crowd at the National Barack Channel (NBC) debate cheered after Brian Williams asked a question about all the criminals that Rick Perry executed because they were happy about them dying and the other was at another debate when the crowd was cheering that people who don’t have insurance should die because they are probably lazy and spend their money on drugs and xboxes instead of for things they need like insurance and gold.

First of all there is nothing wrong with being happy about executions because these are criminals who are being killed not your Grandma because that is what 0-bow-ma Hussein wants to do and also they have been found sentenced to death by a court of law and a jury of their piers so if you don’t think they should be killed then you must think the American Justice System is wrong so why don’t you just move to Sweeden.  Also there is nothing wrong with thinking that uninsured people are lazy because they are lazy and if they were not they would have jobs that pay for things like insurance OR they could pull themselves up by their bootstraps and find a way to pay for it by getting a job at there local Municipal Building or maybe at a DQ because the one by my condo is hiring.  Thank you.

Labor day is a scam

So it is not labor day anymore which is a good thing because as we all know it is simply an excuse for lazy prog libs and union thugs to take a day off of their work and get drunk and smoke dope while some of us try to work even though the Municipal Buildings where they work are closed and they can’t get in because their supervisors don’t trust them with the keys to the building.  And you know who loves capitalizing on labor day of course you do it’s our old pal 0-bow-ma Hussein who gave a big speech in front of the GM (Government Motors) building for a cheering crowd of union thugs and the guy who introduced him famous mobster Jimmy Hoffa said that we should “shoot to kill” with “guns” all of the “sons of bitch” in the Tea Party and it makes me wonder why the prog libs stand for such violent hate speech.

Also who loves labor day is teachers because they are all parts of unions and they are sucking our Nation dry while at the same time filling our kids heads up with so-called politically correct “education” about things like gay and socialism and teaching kids that America is not the greatest Nation in the world given by God.  And now everyone is sending their kids back to school so they can get their heads filled with this nonsense and I don’t have any children but if I did I would home school them about things like the Constitution and Ronald Reagan and of course the Tea Party (both kinds).

So needless to say that I guess labor day has one good purpose and that is to remind me of how much the union thugs and teachers of this once great Nation are sucking us dry and scamming us out of trillions of dollars on an almost daily basis.  Thank you.

Why I am mad about the president right now

Well there have been a lot of natural disasters recently that have rocked our Once Proud Republic but there is always one natural disaster (or should I say UNnatural disaster) that is always our Nation’s biggest threat and that is 0-bow-ma Hussein.  He has done two really big things recently which should cause any True American to be up in arms and make them feel like marching on Washington with their fellow Tea Party Patriots by their side, led by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the ghost of Ayn Rand and they are one that he is giving a speech at the same time as the Republican debate and two that he flew his giant busses around the country on an even bigger plane I mean come on.
So there is supposed to be another debate soon where the Republican candidates will debate although it is hosted by NBC News (or as I call it the National Barack Channel News) so I will probably not watch it out of principal but of course the Obamessiah decided to steal the GOP’s thunder by having his big speech on the same time and it will probably be nothing but him rambling on and on and saying things like “hope” and “change” and “community organizer” and “57 states” because remember how dumb he is he thinks there are 57 states.  I won’t know though because I will DEFINITELY not be listening or watching because I will not be indoctrinated with prog lib propaganda by listening to his silky smooth voice.  I guess instead of either thing I will watch the “Still Standing” marathon they are playing on TBS that night instead.
The other thing is even more upsetting if you can believe it and it is the fact that during his “listening tour” which was really just a campaign trip 0-bow-ma was so lazy and also his staff was so lazy that they drove their busses into a PLANE to fly from town to town and this is hypocritical because the prog libs are always whining about the environment but not only is a plane very polluting but it is a huge example of WASTE which is what we Tea Party Patriots are really all about.  This giant bus plane is an example of WASTE and SPENDING which we hate even more than the fact that our “president” is a racist socialist fascist muslin Kenyan who hates America seriously.  It all just makes me so mad that I think I am going to go for a walk because it is a lovely day in my hometown of Waldwick except maybe it will rain later.  Thank you.

*NOTE – The only animated picture I could find was of a school bus but just pretend that is 0-bow-ma’s idiotic staff bouncing around inside of the bus and also the jet he used probably wouldn’t do loops like that because then the busses would fly all over the place and you know that he wouldn’t stand for that becuase he loves his shiny bus because he is a jerk.

The hurricane

So guess what we are having another natural disaster coming soon and it is what is known as a Hurricane Irene which will cause all sorts of rain and flooding and probably also damage also to things like my car and my windows and other things that face the outside like probably even my mailbox.  Of course I could say a lot about why God is doing this to us which I talked about in my last post but I won’t because I already talked about that in my last post and we already know that God did the earthquake to us because of gay marriage and the prog libs in Washington but this time I will talk about something else that has to do with the Hurricane Irene.

All over the news they are telling us that we can’t drive on certain roads and we can’t take certain trains or busses or bridges and they are even telling us that we cannot leave our house well let me tell you something this is EXACTLY how fascism starts in countries like the ones that had fascism before America freed them.  As soon as we start letting the government tell us what we can and can’t do that is when they start to get greedy with power and they will start telling us what we can eat and what they can teach in our schools OH WAIT THEY DO ALREADY.

If there were True Americans out there during this Hurricane Irene they would leave their houses and drive and if they were in charge of driving a bus or a train they would go ahead and do that anyway without letting the government tell them that they can’t because this is NOT nazi Germany.  I truly believe that government should be so small that we could then drown it in a bathtub and with all of this rain it might be possible to do that even without the bathtub part.  Thank you.