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The Southern strategy of the Republicans

Yes yes I know again it has been a long time since I have written a post because I have been very busy with my new job at the Waldwick Municipal Building where I am in charge of construction permits and things of that nature like recently when there was a man in our town who wanted to build a shed and he kept filling out the wrong forms and I had to tell him to come back when he had the right ones. I am almost thinking about running for the Mayor so no one has to fill out any permits whatsoever because I feel that a man who wants to build a shed should be able to build a shed and not have the government tell them what to do all the time but for now it is my job so he has to fill out the forms.

Anyway the Republican race is in full swing and it is down to only four people now, and they are all running for primaries in the South where pretty much everyone is Republican so it is very exciting to see so many people who are excited about getting 0-bow-ma Hussein out of office. The thing that is interesting about this is that Mitt Romney who is the frontrunner and not really very Conservative at all is pretending very hard to be Southern, saying “y’all” and “grits” and “Alabama” over and over because it’s not enough that he’s pretending he isn’t the guy who originally invented 0-bow-macare but now he is also pretending he is a good old boy well I am not buying it.

The people in the South are Real Americans and sometimes I feel more in common with them than I do with the people here in “Blue Jersey” as I call it but I am sure they will see through Romney’s lies and choose someone who is much more Conservative and qualified like Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich both of which I am pretty sure are from the South for real. In fact if I were in charge of everything I would make sure that the South were the only people who were allowed to actually vote for the President and also that people wouldn’t need so many forms to build a shed. Thank you.


Taking back the internet

So today I signed up for this website on the internet and its taken me a long time to figure out all of the options and where to write the right things into the right places but I am pretty sure I have it all figured it out now because the graphics are working and I got a conformation email in my email box that said it was going to work.  I am hoping that I will use this blog to tell everyone about just how much the progressive liberals (or prog libs as I and other people call them) are ruining our country and their man 0-bow-ma Hussein is also ruining it also with socialism but the prog libs are usually the ones who run the websites and internet pages so it is about time that there is a True Conservative voice in the digital world and that someone is me.

There is so much happening in the news with the election coming up and also all kinds of other things happening all over the world but mostly in America and also to me.  So in the future please stay tuned to this internet site and I will be sharing with you all kinds of news that you will NOT get from the lamestream media and also you might also hear what happened to me on that day like today for example when I made a website but I already told you about that and if you have any questions about the things I write or me or anything else at all you can contact me but I’m not sure how and I will tell you when I find out thank you.