The destruction of marriage at the hands of the gays

So of course the big news this week is that 0-bow-ma Hussein came out in support of nontraditional marriage AKA gay marriage and of course this is terrible for a number of reasons not to mention the fact that a lot of Republican politicians have said and that is if two men or two ladies are allowed to marry each other than what is stopping a person from marrying a horse or a dog or even something that is not even alive like a car or a brick wall. Working at the construction permit office in the Waldwick Municipal Building I meet a lot of people who really love their sheds because people really seem to love building and maintaining sheds in this town but I would never let someone marry a shed because that doesnt make sense according to the Bible.

None of that makes any difference to 0-bow-ma Hussein and his prog lib followers though who have shown time and time again that they laugh in the face of Jesus even though this is a Christian Nation which was founded on Christian Principals that were written in the Bible. He spent his whole life in a fake church run by a hate screaming Black Theology preacher which isnt even real Christianity and because he did not come from a Christian background he was all too ready to accept the perversions of the gays. Thank you.

What really upsets me is that Conservatives are saying now “oh he only did it to get gay votes” instead of saying “oh he only did it because he WANTS TO UNDERMINE THE MORAL FABRIC OF THIS ONCE PROUD NATION BY ENDORSING AN ACT WHICH IS AN ABOMINATION BEFORE GOD” and I am sorry for using so many capitol letters but this is something I’m very upset about. It seems to me that we Real Christian Americans are surrounded by RINOs who are missing the real point and we must all stand up in November for Traditional Marriage and vote against the prog libs and for whoever is running against them. Thank you.


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