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Obama eats dogs

There are a lot of reasons to not like our “president” 0-bow-ma Hussein whether it is the fact that he is turning our Once Proud Republic into a Marxist socialist nazi police nanny state or whether he is encouraging race wars in response to the totally justified shooting of Trayvon Martian but this time he has gone too far and that is because it has been revealed recently that he eats dogs all of the time which is DISGUSTING to me because I love dogs like my golden retriever Sparkles.

Now some pathetic defenders of 0-bow-ma Hussein say that this is not such a big deal because the dog eating in question happened when he was a child in Indonesia and not only is it culturally acceptable there but it he was too young to really know any better especially because he lived in a foreign country but those are all dumb prog lib excuses like the kind we are used to hearing from the prog libs who always have a lame excuse for everything. He has not come out and officially denied that he continues to this day to eat dogs and even if he did I would not believe him for a SECOND because why would he tell the truth about it when he lies about everything else (smoking, being born in Kenya, being a Marxist, etc)?!?!?! Thank you.
So in conclusion, not that I have to tell you people that 0-bow-ma is a bad person but this whole issue of him eating dogs is VERY important no matter what the prog lib media says because it shows exactly the kind of person he is and anyone who would personally chop up a dog like Sparkles and eat its flesh just like I’m SURE o-bow-ma did as a child must be a terrible terrible human being and an even worse President so I can not wait to get his puppy eating butt out of office in November thank you.


There is no War on Women but there is a War on Mothers!

Yes there is a lot in the news lately like my second favorite candidate Rick Santorum dropping out so that now I have to support that know-it-all Newt Gingrich because I can NEVER support someone like Mitt Romney who is not a True Conservative at all but I will instead talk about something that is more specific to what is relavant to American Patriots everywhere and that is the war that the prog libs are waging on mothers because it is not enough that they are against the Troops. Of course the prog libs are whining about how the Republicans and other Conservatives want to stop the US taxpayers from paying for abortion pills so that young women can keep having sex everywhere all the time and also that we want to close the babykilling factories known as Planned Parenthood which are also bought and paid for by 0-bow-ma Hussein’s government. But then they turn around and attack mothers everywhere by saying that Mitt Romney’s wife is lazy!

Now like I mentioned before I do not like Mitt Romney at all but when that lady said that his wife has never worked I interpreted it as the opening shot in the Dems’ War on Mothers because we all know that prog libs hate mothers because NUMBER ONE they gave birth to children and dems want all women to get abortions and NUMBER TWO dems are all sexists (as evidenced by their inexplicable hatred towards Sarah Palin) just as much as they are racists. Also they hate families in general thank you.

It is clear the the dems and prog libs want to turn their hateful comments on Romney’s wife around by talking about how the Republicans are doing the Right Things for ladies by fighting to keep their babies alive and keeping them from putting baby-killing pills into their bodies and then calling all of this a “War on Women”. Their shameful tactics will never sease to amaze me and it makes me so angry that I might go ahead and vote for Mitt Romney anyway even though I am holding out for Newt Gingrich because of lots of reasons. Thank you.