The Republican candidates who are the ones who are left

I am very sorry to all of my loyal fans that I have been away for so long but I have gotten a promotion at the Waldwick NJ municipal building and am now in charge of issuing residential construction permits which I personally feel is just more intrusion of government into the lives of hard working Americans who just want to build a pool or a pool house or a poolside patio or some other type of pool-based structure but it is my job and unless I work I am no better than the food stamp lazies who are 0-bow-ma Hussein voters. Thank you.

So while I was so busy there has been a lots going on with the Republican candidates which means that some of them have left including Herman Cain and the Great Christian Miss Michelle Bachmann but there are still some good choices left and I am going to give you my opinion of them now because I pay a lot of attention to the news (at least the news that isn’t part of the PROG LIB propoganda machine) so I know what I’m talking about, thank you.

Newt Gingrich – I like him a lot because he was standing up against Bill Clinton who as we all remember was the fat guy who had sex with an intern and his wife of course was the first one to think of 0-bow-macare but more importantly than that he is smart but he has to make sure he does not act like a big smarty when he is campaigning because that makes him look like an educated elitist and Real Americans don’t like that at all.

Ron Paul – Are you kidding me this guy is crazy not just because he wants to end all wars everywhere and he hates Israel but also because he is just plain crazy you know why but the one thing I do agree with him on is that all companies should be totally deregulated and allowed to do whatever they want and as the old saying goes the government should be so small you can strangle it to death.

Rick Perry – This guy is still my favorite just like he was at the beginning because of his Deep Abiding Faith in the One True Savior Jesus Christ and he is a no nonsense tough talking Texas guy like a certain former president that we all know and love and miss and also he looks like the guy from that cowboy movie where he has all the guns on his horse.

Rick Santorum – He also loves Jesus very much which is something the Godless terrorist lovers currently in the White House could use a little bit more of plus he really does not like abortion at all which I also support because babies are precious but also I heard somewhere that he is named after something gay and I do not want any gay in my President thank you.

Mitt Romney – He made a version of socialist 0-bow-macare in his home state of Masachusetts and he did not speak out about gays and abortions and other seriously important issues while he was in the government plus he is a government insider because he was in the government for many years which is a bad thing BUT he is a very rich person which means he works hard and he creates jobs so I can understand why he is in the lead of the pack and also he looks like the stretchy guy from the Fantastic Four who was really smart also.

So there you have it people those are my opinions on the Republicans and I am very proud of all of them but only one will survive in the end to become our New President and who will it be well I will be paying very close attention and I hope you will be also but not just to the election to my blog also. Thank you.


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