The people who are occupying wall street


So now there are a whole bunch of troublemakers marching to Wall Street and causing all kinds of problems and they are basically doing it because they hate America just like the hippies hated America in the 60’s and the war protestors hated America in the early 2000s because they think that there are evil corporations who are making everyone poor when really the only thing making them poor is there own laziness.  If you turn on the LAMEstream media you will most likely see them because there are thousands of them and I bet if you lived in new york city (which thankfully I do NOT) you could probably smell them because of all of the marijuana smoking and not showering because they don’t care how they smell.

So many things about this make me very upset but the most of all is that they are protesting the people who keep our Economy working and Create Jobs for everyone and meanwhile what are they doing well the answer to that question of course is a whole lot of nothing.  They sit in a park and complain and not work and sometimes they go to a road or a bridge where they block traffic and cause all kinds of trouble so the police have to spray them with pepper and arrest them for good reason and my goodness I would not like to smell the jail where all of these protestors are being kept.
If these young prog libs would spend as much time looking for a job as much as they did protesting and playing their bongo drums they would see that the top one percent of America is not trying to oppress them and they earned everything they’ve gotten and also that they actually care about Americans that is why they are Job Creators.  Also Wall Street are very important for our Economy which is why 0-bow-ma Hussein gave them so much bailout money to save them even though this was a bad thing that was one of the first terrible decisions that 0-bow-ma Hussein did but in the long run it turned out to not be so bad because Wall Street was saved and able to keep Creating Jobs.  So basically my message to the smelly protestors down there in Wall Street is a very simple one and it is SHUT UP and GO HOME and GET A JOB.  Thank you.


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