Monthly Archives: September 2011

The voice of the people in the crowd at some debates

Okay so a lot of whiney prog libs are up in their arms about two events that happened lately at Republican debates where the American People made their voices heard in the audience and the lamestream media moderators of the events were shocked that the People had such a loud voice and opinion on things that are right.  One of the things is that the crowd at the National Barack Channel (NBC) debate cheered after Brian Williams asked a question about all the criminals that Rick Perry executed because they were happy about them dying and the other was at another debate when the crowd was cheering that people who don’t have insurance should die because they are probably lazy and spend their money on drugs and xboxes instead of for things they need like insurance and gold.

First of all there is nothing wrong with being happy about executions because these are criminals who are being killed not your Grandma because that is what 0-bow-ma Hussein wants to do and also they have been found sentenced to death by a court of law and a jury of their piers so if you don’t think they should be killed then you must think the American Justice System is wrong so why don’t you just move to Sweeden.  Also there is nothing wrong with thinking that uninsured people are lazy because they are lazy and if they were not they would have jobs that pay for things like insurance OR they could pull themselves up by their bootstraps and find a way to pay for it by getting a job at there local Municipal Building or maybe at a DQ because the one by my condo is hiring.  Thank you.


Labor day is a scam

So it is not labor day anymore which is a good thing because as we all know it is simply an excuse for lazy prog libs and union thugs to take a day off of their work and get drunk and smoke dope while some of us try to work even though the Municipal Buildings where they work are closed and they can’t get in because their supervisors don’t trust them with the keys to the building.  And you know who loves capitalizing on labor day of course you do it’s our old pal 0-bow-ma Hussein who gave a big speech in front of the GM (Government Motors) building for a cheering crowd of union thugs and the guy who introduced him famous mobster Jimmy Hoffa said that we should “shoot to kill” with “guns” all of the “sons of bitch” in the Tea Party and it makes me wonder why the prog libs stand for such violent hate speech.

Also who loves labor day is teachers because they are all parts of unions and they are sucking our Nation dry while at the same time filling our kids heads up with so-called politically correct “education” about things like gay and socialism and teaching kids that America is not the greatest Nation in the world given by God.  And now everyone is sending their kids back to school so they can get their heads filled with this nonsense and I don’t have any children but if I did I would home school them about things like the Constitution and Ronald Reagan and of course the Tea Party (both kinds).

So needless to say that I guess labor day has one good purpose and that is to remind me of how much the union thugs and teachers of this once great Nation are sucking us dry and scamming us out of trillions of dollars on an almost daily basis.  Thank you.