Why I am mad about the president right now

Well there have been a lot of natural disasters recently that have rocked our Once Proud Republic but there is always one natural disaster (or should I say UNnatural disaster) that is always our Nation’s biggest threat and that is 0-bow-ma Hussein.  He has done two really big things recently which should cause any True American to be up in arms and make them feel like marching on Washington with their fellow Tea Party Patriots by their side, led by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the ghost of Ayn Rand and they are one that he is giving a speech at the same time as the Republican debate and two that he flew his giant busses around the country on an even bigger plane I mean come on.
So there is supposed to be another debate soon where the Republican candidates will debate although it is hosted by NBC News (or as I call it the National Barack Channel News) so I will probably not watch it out of principal but of course the Obamessiah decided to steal the GOP’s thunder by having his big speech on the same time and it will probably be nothing but him rambling on and on and saying things like “hope” and “change” and “community organizer” and “57 states” because remember how dumb he is he thinks there are 57 states.  I won’t know though because I will DEFINITELY not be listening or watching because I will not be indoctrinated with prog lib propaganda by listening to his silky smooth voice.  I guess instead of either thing I will watch the “Still Standing” marathon they are playing on TBS that night instead.
The other thing is even more upsetting if you can believe it and it is the fact that during his “listening tour” which was really just a campaign trip 0-bow-ma was so lazy and also his staff was so lazy that they drove their busses into a PLANE to fly from town to town and this is hypocritical because the prog libs are always whining about the environment but not only is a plane very polluting but it is a huge example of WASTE which is what we Tea Party Patriots are really all about.  This giant bus plane is an example of WASTE and SPENDING which we hate even more than the fact that our “president” is a racist socialist fascist muslin Kenyan who hates America seriously.  It all just makes me so mad that I think I am going to go for a walk because it is a lovely day in my hometown of Waldwick except maybe it will rain later.  Thank you.

*NOTE – The only animated picture I could find was of a school bus but just pretend that is 0-bow-ma’s idiotic staff bouncing around inside of the bus and also the jet he used probably wouldn’t do loops like that because then the busses would fly all over the place and you know that he wouldn’t stand for that becuase he loves his shiny bus because he is a jerk.


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