The hurricane

So guess what we are having another natural disaster coming soon and it is what is known as a Hurricane Irene which will cause all sorts of rain and flooding and probably also damage also to things like my car and my windows and other things that face the outside like probably even my mailbox.  Of course I could say a lot about why God is doing this to us which I talked about in my last post but I won’t because I already talked about that in my last post and we already know that God did the earthquake to us because of gay marriage and the prog libs in Washington but this time I will talk about something else that has to do with the Hurricane Irene.

All over the news they are telling us that we can’t drive on certain roads and we can’t take certain trains or busses or bridges and they are even telling us that we cannot leave our house well let me tell you something this is EXACTLY how fascism starts in countries like the ones that had fascism before America freed them.  As soon as we start letting the government tell us what we can and can’t do that is when they start to get greedy with power and they will start telling us what we can eat and what they can teach in our schools OH WAIT THEY DO ALREADY.

If there were True Americans out there during this Hurricane Irene they would leave their houses and drive and if they were in charge of driving a bus or a train they would go ahead and do that anyway without letting the government tell them that they can’t because this is NOT nazi Germany.  I truly believe that government should be so small that we could then drown it in a bathtub and with all of this rain it might be possible to do that even without the bathtub part.  Thank you.


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