The earthquake

So as many people know that yesterday we have had an earthquake on the East Coast and it only lasted a little while and there was not much damage but it was still very frightening and like most natural disasters, it was a sign from God and Jesus that should be a wake up call to all Real Americans who are concerned about the future of their Once Proud Republic that is in so much danger from many sources.
It is no coincidence that the earthquake hit Washington DC most of all because that is where there is the government who does NOT listen to the people especially those that voted for them to put them there and while they are there they ignore the fact that the USA is a Christian Nation and our Great Constitution was written with Christian Biblical Principles in mind so now they are having to face the wrath of God.  It is also no coincidence that gay marriage and planned parenthoods are sweeping the nation spreading immorality and perversion wherever they go and have you ever noticed that these earthquakes only hit the coasts where all the prog libs live who have no morals at all although usually just in California but this time the east coast including what I like to refer to as Blue York City.
And don’t try to tell me about science and how there are scientific reasonings for this to have happened because we all know that crazy scientists are filling our heads with lies about global warming and recycling and nutrition and the evidence is overwhelming that God is punishing the American People with the devastation of yesterdays mighty quake and as Glenn Beck often says our country is in danger and also in trouble and it is about time we woke up to Take Back America and this horrific natural disaster/act of God should be a wake up call to All Americans.  Thank you.


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