The man named Rick Perry

Before I knew who Rick Perry was I thought he was the lead singer of Foreigner when they sang “Don’t Stop Beleiving” but now I realize that he is not that guy at all, he is the governor of Texas who has just recently announced that he will be running for President and everyone is saying that he has a very good chance so I have decided that I am going to take a look at him and his career and see if he has what it takes to defeat 0-bow-ma Hussein.

First of all he is from Texas like George W. Bush, and he sounds like George W. Bush only more like he is from Texas which I really like because I would like a “cowboy” type guy to be President even though Ronald Reagan was kind of like a cowboy but he really did not sound like one at all when he was talking.  I also heard that Rick Perry did a big Christian prayer event that the prog libs all whined about because they hate and are prejudiced against Christians and Christianity and would rather ignore the fact that our Founding forefathers wanted this to be a Christian Nation based on Christian Laws.  But this event was really big and everybody prayed a lot and Rick Perry said that our Nation was in trouble because it had gotten away from God (hm I wonder why could it be because our president is a secret muslin?) and that praying to God was the only way things are ever going to get better and guess what I agree.

And lets not forget that Rick Perry is a handsome man which is not to say that I am attracted to him because such things are an abomonation under Jesus but he is very good looking and not in that rich guy Mitt Romney way but in a rugged Texas way like that guy who was in the movie about the guy with all the scars and the big guns attached to his horse which everyone said was terrible but I really liked.  Also speaking of big guns Rick Perry likes those too and that is a good thing because what do you think got rid of the British redcoats during our First Freedom War and also what did our troops use to kill Hitler well I’m sure you know the answer and that answer is guns.

So will I vote for Rick Perry well there is a long way to go until the time comes to unseat the Obamessiah and there are so many great Republican candidates that I will have to learn a lot more about them before I make any real decisions but lets just say that Rick Perry is looking really good even if he is not the guy from Foreigner.  Thank you.


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