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Why I am mad about the president right now

Well there have been a lot of natural disasters recently that have rocked our Once Proud Republic but there is always one natural disaster (or should I say UNnatural disaster) that is always our Nation’s biggest threat and that is 0-bow-ma Hussein.  He has done two really big things recently which should cause any True American to be up in arms and make them feel like marching on Washington with their fellow Tea Party Patriots by their side, led by Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the ghost of Ayn Rand and they are one that he is giving a speech at the same time as the Republican debate and two that he flew his giant busses around the country on an even bigger plane I mean come on.
So there is supposed to be another debate soon where the Republican candidates will debate although it is hosted by NBC News (or as I call it the National Barack Channel News) so I will probably not watch it out of principal but of course the Obamessiah decided to steal the GOP’s thunder by having his big speech on the same time and it will probably be nothing but him rambling on and on and saying things like “hope” and “change” and “community organizer” and “57 states” because remember how dumb he is he thinks there are 57 states.  I won’t know though because I will DEFINITELY not be listening or watching because I will not be indoctrinated with prog lib propaganda by listening to his silky smooth voice.  I guess instead of either thing I will watch the “Still Standing” marathon they are playing on TBS that night instead.
The other thing is even more upsetting if you can believe it and it is the fact that during his “listening tour” which was really just a campaign trip 0-bow-ma was so lazy and also his staff was so lazy that they drove their busses into a PLANE to fly from town to town and this is hypocritical because the prog libs are always whining about the environment but not only is a plane very polluting but it is a huge example of WASTE which is what we Tea Party Patriots are really all about.  This giant bus plane is an example of WASTE and SPENDING which we hate even more than the fact that our “president” is a racist socialist fascist muslin Kenyan who hates America seriously.  It all just makes me so mad that I think I am going to go for a walk because it is a lovely day in my hometown of Waldwick except maybe it will rain later.  Thank you.

*NOTE – The only animated picture I could find was of a school bus but just pretend that is 0-bow-ma’s idiotic staff bouncing around inside of the bus and also the jet he used probably wouldn’t do loops like that because then the busses would fly all over the place and you know that he wouldn’t stand for that becuase he loves his shiny bus because he is a jerk.


The hurricane

So guess what we are having another natural disaster coming soon and it is what is known as a Hurricane Irene which will cause all sorts of rain and flooding and probably also damage also to things like my car and my windows and other things that face the outside like probably even my mailbox.  Of course I could say a lot about why God is doing this to us which I talked about in my last post but I won’t because I already talked about that in my last post and we already know that God did the earthquake to us because of gay marriage and the prog libs in Washington but this time I will talk about something else that has to do with the Hurricane Irene.

All over the news they are telling us that we can’t drive on certain roads and we can’t take certain trains or busses or bridges and they are even telling us that we cannot leave our house well let me tell you something this is EXACTLY how fascism starts in countries like the ones that had fascism before America freed them.  As soon as we start letting the government tell us what we can and can’t do that is when they start to get greedy with power and they will start telling us what we can eat and what they can teach in our schools OH WAIT THEY DO ALREADY.

If there were True Americans out there during this Hurricane Irene they would leave their houses and drive and if they were in charge of driving a bus or a train they would go ahead and do that anyway without letting the government tell them that they can’t because this is NOT nazi Germany.  I truly believe that government should be so small that we could then drown it in a bathtub and with all of this rain it might be possible to do that even without the bathtub part.  Thank you.

The earthquake

So as many people know that yesterday we have had an earthquake on the East Coast and it only lasted a little while and there was not much damage but it was still very frightening and like most natural disasters, it was a sign from God and Jesus that should be a wake up call to all Real Americans who are concerned about the future of their Once Proud Republic that is in so much danger from many sources.
It is no coincidence that the earthquake hit Washington DC most of all because that is where there is the government who does NOT listen to the people especially those that voted for them to put them there and while they are there they ignore the fact that the USA is a Christian Nation and our Great Constitution was written with Christian Biblical Principles in mind so now they are having to face the wrath of God.  It is also no coincidence that gay marriage and planned parenthoods are sweeping the nation spreading immorality and perversion wherever they go and have you ever noticed that these earthquakes only hit the coasts where all the prog libs live who have no morals at all although usually just in California but this time the east coast including what I like to refer to as Blue York City.
And don’t try to tell me about science and how there are scientific reasonings for this to have happened because we all know that crazy scientists are filling our heads with lies about global warming and recycling and nutrition and the evidence is overwhelming that God is punishing the American People with the devastation of yesterdays mighty quake and as Glenn Beck often says our country is in danger and also in trouble and it is about time we woke up to Take Back America and this horrific natural disaster/act of God should be a wake up call to All Americans.  Thank you.

Obama should not be on a vacation

Okay can you believe this that 0-bow-ma Hussein is going on a vacation when there is all kinds of terrible things happening in the world all over the place like wars and bad economics and also I think there is a hurricane happening somewhere probably?  It is an outrage and everyone is up in arms about it because while we are all struggling with our own jobs he is relaxing on a beach somewhere and probably drinking beers with Reverend Wright and Bill Ayres and Saul Alinsky on the beach.
It is enough to make me ask to myself where is my vacation because I can tell you one thing and that is that my job is much more stressful than the Obamessiah’s who spends all day raising campaign money and going to hip-hop BBQs and smoking cigarettes while he thinks no one can see or are looking.  People come into my office all day and ask me if they can get a fishing permit all the time and also I have to keep an eye out for my boss who does not like me writing blogs at work which is very stressful so I don’t think it’s too much to ask if I can have a vacation before this lazy guy gets one.

The prog libs of course will say that George W Bush took lots of vacations all the time too when there were important things going on in the world like wars but he took the kinds of vacations that made me feel good about the president because he was out in the Old West clearing brush which I’m pretty sure means he was out there with an axe or maybe even a chainsaw cutting down trees and thinking the whole time about how much he loved America and what kind of things he was going to do to make things better for the future.  It is too bad that unknown to him this jug eared fool would come in and ruin everything he worked for and also would try to ruin the entire Nation with socialism and take vacations on some rich people island where he drinked pina coladas and schemed against America which is really too bad.  Thank you.

The man named Rick Perry

Before I knew who Rick Perry was I thought he was the lead singer of Foreigner when they sang “Don’t Stop Beleiving” but now I realize that he is not that guy at all, he is the governor of Texas who has just recently announced that he will be running for President and everyone is saying that he has a very good chance so I have decided that I am going to take a look at him and his career and see if he has what it takes to defeat 0-bow-ma Hussein.

First of all he is from Texas like George W. Bush, and he sounds like George W. Bush only more like he is from Texas which I really like because I would like a “cowboy” type guy to be President even though Ronald Reagan was kind of like a cowboy but he really did not sound like one at all when he was talking.  I also heard that Rick Perry did a big Christian prayer event that the prog libs all whined about because they hate and are prejudiced against Christians and Christianity and would rather ignore the fact that our Founding forefathers wanted this to be a Christian Nation based on Christian Laws.  But this event was really big and everybody prayed a lot and Rick Perry said that our Nation was in trouble because it had gotten away from God (hm I wonder why could it be because our president is a secret muslin?) and that praying to God was the only way things are ever going to get better and guess what I agree.

And lets not forget that Rick Perry is a handsome man which is not to say that I am attracted to him because such things are an abomonation under Jesus but he is very good looking and not in that rich guy Mitt Romney way but in a rugged Texas way like that guy who was in the movie about the guy with all the scars and the big guns attached to his horse which everyone said was terrible but I really liked.  Also speaking of big guns Rick Perry likes those too and that is a good thing because what do you think got rid of the British redcoats during our First Freedom War and also what did our troops use to kill Hitler well I’m sure you know the answer and that answer is guns.

So will I vote for Rick Perry well there is a long way to go until the time comes to unseat the Obamessiah and there are so many great Republican candidates that I will have to learn a lot more about them before I make any real decisions but lets just say that Rick Perry is looking really good even if he is not the guy from Foreigner.  Thank you.

Taking back the internet

So today I signed up for this website on the internet and its taken me a long time to figure out all of the options and where to write the right things into the right places but I am pretty sure I have it all figured it out now because the graphics are working and I got a conformation email in my email box that said it was going to work.  I am hoping that I will use this blog to tell everyone about just how much the progressive liberals (or prog libs as I and other people call them) are ruining our country and their man 0-bow-ma Hussein is also ruining it also with socialism but the prog libs are usually the ones who run the websites and internet pages so it is about time that there is a True Conservative voice in the digital world and that someone is me.

There is so much happening in the news with the election coming up and also all kinds of other things happening all over the world but mostly in America and also to me.  So in the future please stay tuned to this internet site and I will be sharing with you all kinds of news that you will NOT get from the lamestream media and also you might also hear what happened to me on that day like today for example when I made a website but I already told you about that and if you have any questions about the things I write or me or anything else at all you can contact me but I’m not sure how and I will tell you when I find out thank you.